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This will be where we will soon be disclosing our latest CVE details as well as other updates and info.

Who are CybrGrade UK?…

If you’re visiting our main website or this blog for the first time and wondering who we are, here is a quick into on what we are all about.

We’re a small cyber security education and training company based in the United Kingdom. We were founded by two award winning military cyber security professionals with the goal of providing our services to the regular people in the smaller businesses and firms throughout the UK. The kinds of small and medium sized firms that easily get left by the wayside by the larger cyber training providers.

Cyber security is a lucrative business right now for people with our background and experience, and it would be easy for us to go with the flow and provide our expertise to larger more well established organisation the same way most other cyber security companies do.

But the thing is, as individuals and as a company, we’re passionate about helping everyday people understand the cyber risks they are exposed to and exactly what they can do about it. Our focus is on helping typical small to medium businesses across the UK that struggle to prioritize cyber security due to their size and budget.

For example, people like small local manufacturers and long-standing family-run companies that often struggle to hit the same bar as the larger corporations when it comes to cyber security funding and resources.

We understand developing a good cyber security strategy and action plan can be a daunting challenge to many everyday people that work in a typical small company. People like estate agents, family run car dealerships, or a precision engineering firm with an office staffed by only 5 people. A well-targeted cyber attack can devastate companies of this size and capacity, and if the UK is really going to be a place that is fit-for-business in the modern age, we believe that these businesses need to develop the skills and ability to defend themselves online.

The way we see it, a combination of government legislation, rising customer expectations around digital security, and an increased risk of having your business damaged or even bankrupted by a sustained cyber attack make it essential that cyber security specialists offer their services to a wider range of smaller and medium-sized businesses. Simply, this is what we are about, and we want to let everyone know.

So spread the word to all the small to medium business owners out there. CybrGrade UK is here to help them.

We hope you visit us again…


The CybrGrade UK Team

Just who exactly are CybrGrade UK? I hear you ask…

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