Passwords Can Frustrate All Of Us!

Password Problems?

We know, we know… Much has been written about password security already, so why on earth would it be necessary to publish yet another password security blog post by some random cyber security blogger?

Well, the sad truth is, much is still wrong with the way we use passwords in our daily lives. Especially in the workplace.

It’s a painful fact that the most common passwords in use in the business world are usually crackable within minutes or even seconds. Or those that are not as crackable have already been stolen and leaked and added to the public wordlists used by hackers.

Most office workers (if they are honest about it) turn a blind eye to bad practices in the workplace when it comes to password security. They tut’ to themselves perhaps, thinking how simple that VPN login password is. They may even remark to a co-worker how they remember being issued the password years ago and never having been prompted to change it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking any group of people in particular. I’m just trying to say that it’s our human nature to point out problems without introspection. We tell others what we see is wrong, but are often too lazy or we simply believe our actions to try to rectify things will fail anyway so we should leave it up to someone else.

The problem is, too many of us do this and the criminals know it too. A wide choice of online repositories of password lists and hacked databases are available for attackers to use. So of course they do use them.

Sites such as, and make it easier for attackers to get the information about leaked and common passwords. But, thankfully they also make it easier than ever for individuals to check their own password security and understand the vulnerability of passwords.

For example, here is a super simple way for anyone to check if a password they are using is already known to hackers. Try out our online password lookup tool and update any passwords you find that are in the hacked list already. It uses javascript and the api from in your browser to hash and verify everything to keep the password safe (We explain it in a little more detail on our main site).

Anyway, here it is.

Link to our Password Security Lookup Tool

We hope this might help a few people…

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